Beer and golf. This seems to have been two things that have gone together since...since forever.  Now, Hackamore Brewing Company in Chanhassen has announced an "upscale" brewery that will include a life-sized golf simulator within the brewery.

The website just says that they are "opening soon".

The spot for the brewery will be a remodeled area in an industrial space in Chanhassen according to Bring Me the News.

Breweries have become "the thing: in the last few years.  There seems to be more and more popping up all over the state.  And instead of just stopping in to try their craft beer offerings, it's fun to be there, try their beer and be able to have some entertainment at the same time.  Most of the breweries I have been to add some acoustic music here and there.  But this is a new twist, adding a life sized golf simulator brings something that could be a lot of fun.

Luxury home builder John Kraemer & Sons will complete the transformational build-out of the 10,700-square-foot space, with John Kraemer one of four partners in the launch of Hackamore.

At first, Hackamore will be offering five beers.  And there seems to be something for every beer lover.  Right now planned will be a hazy IPA, milk stout, a sour. cream ale and a light lager.  Sounds perfect.  I'm sure that more will be added as time goes on, as is the case with most breweries.

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Unlike some other breweries, there will also be a small menu.  A lot of breweries only offer pretzels and/or ordering from local restaurants for delivery.  But Hackamore plans on a small menu including burgers, some sandwiches and wings.

You can check out the full story from Bring Me the News here.  I think this place will be a fun place to check out, and not too far from St. Cloud - take a brewery tour.

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