Please take a moment, right now, to think about all the things you do in a day and not think twice about it. There are lots of things. One thing I don't think about too hard is putting gas in my car and tying my shoes. One man in Minnesota learned that you apparently shouldn't be doing both simultaneously, as he had his car stolen from him, and it was all caught on camera!

A post shared to MN CRIME WATCHERS on social media by a social media user named Adam Joadwine shows the moment it all went down at a Minnesota BP Station.

Three easy steps to getting Carjacked... Tie shoes, not pay attention, and leave your keys in the car.

The video shows a man at the far pump filling his dark-colored vehicle with gas. That man bends over to tie his shoe, and while he is tying that shoe, a man emerges from the rear passenger seat of a silver/blue Audi that pulls into the gas station.

The former passenger in the newly arrived vehicle enters the dark-colored vehicle that is still being filled up and takes off, with the pump nozzle still dispensing gas inside the vehicle.

It was only when the car's tail lights turned on from the vehicle starting, that the vehicle's owners suspect anything is wrong, and by then it was too late, as both the Audi and the dark-colored vehicle are gone almost as soon as they had arrived.

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So what can you do to prevent something like this from happening? Don't leave your keys in the car and pay attention to your surroundings.

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