The days are long gone of having to personally run in a restaurant to check the wait times. Google now does this for you when looking up a central Minnesota restaurant!

Google just announced they've added this feature in the search results of almost a million restaurants around the world.

It's pretty straight forward - simply search for the restaurant, and near the address info and map, look for the "Popular Times" section to see the wait times. You can dig in even further and view a graph of the wait times.

We wanted to see if they had any St. Cloud area restaurants on there yet, and sure enough the 1st place I looked up (Green Mill) had the wait times:

Google's Green Mill Wait Times
Google's Green Mill Wait Times

We searched a few other popular restaurants in the area and it listed those as well, so it's surely setup for this area and ready to use!

Even though they rule the world and are almost a little TOO powerful (in my opinion), I love you, Google, and everything you provide in my life that I can't live without...including this feature now.

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