Coincidence? Surely the marketing geniuses at 20th Century Fox aren't that good are they? With the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes premiere looming tomorrow, this story comes with a large dose of our favorite concept: IRONY.

Earlier this morning, The Como Zoo in St. Paul sent out a tweet, and then later confirmed with a press release that a gorilla wandered out of it's enclosure  through an unsecured door behind the painted scenes of the indoor habitat. The release states that no one was really in danger, since the gorillas were still inside a 'gorilla-proof barrier'.

And of course Channel 5 needed to make the 'incident' sound scary, urgent and life-threatening. You go Brad and Kate, you go.



As expected when a tweet goes out, the internet took over and made the incident it's own;

Casey is our HERO


Hold on to your shorts, but this isn't the first time the Como Zoo has tried to destroy the planet... Back in 1994, one of Como's former gorillas, Casey (THE SAME CASEY THAT TWEETED ABOVE??? MORE MYSTERY!), made a celebrated escape.



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