I have to admit, I've had a few experiences that I've chalked up to "just a ghost". My daughters tell me our lake cabin is haunted. They may be right and just to be sure, I might order some of this ghost hunting gear on Craigslist.

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Like new ghost hunting gear up for sale. Comes with digital recorders, EDI meter, EMF meter, Kinect SLS camera, IR illuminators, walkie talkies, K2 meter, and spirit box. All excellent shape! Located in Eagan, serious inquiries only! Firm on price. - Craigslist

Sounds interesting enough. Get everything you may need to find out if your house is haunted or you are just crazy. This list of ghost hunting equipment looks to be firly on the up and up.

Of course you'll need an EMF meter to detect any changes in the electromagnetic energy around. Add to that the EDI meter which, besides the electromagnetic field thing, it detects things like vibration, temp, pressure and humidity.

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Of course, as any ghost hunter would know, you're going to need a IR illuminator to attach to your camera and catch ghostly images. Sounds legit.

You certainly don's want to walk into a ghostly situation without a Spirit Box. TYhis gizmo catches paranormal audio.

I'm guessing whoever is selling all this valuable stuff is pretty much done all the ghost hunting they want to.

If someone reading this actually buys this collection of stuff, be sure and let us know how it works. That is if the ghosts don't get you.

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