Up and Slightly Adam in studio this morning to let us in on what's showing this weekend at Parkwood Cinema.  And he brought donuts, like all good guests should. Just sayin'


First off, "Kin" A guy teams up with his ex con brother and they find this futuristic gun. Criminals and federal authorities are both after this futuristic weapon and are after these guys to get it.

Next, "Searching". .A young girl disappears and her father uses social media to try and track down what happened to her. It's one of those psychological thrillers. Sounds like it could be pretty good.

"Operation Finale"  the story of Israeli police on the hunt in South America for notorious Nazi, Adolf Eichmann the man behind the design of the Holocaust during World War II. Eichmann is living with the protection on the Brazilian government, so once captured by the Israelis, they must sneak him out of the country for trial.

And since it's a special weekend, Parkwwod is bringing back some classics. "Goonies" and "Jaws" will both be up on the big screen this weekend. If you didn't see "Jaws" on the big screen when it came out, it's a whole different experience.

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