This morning as usual on a Thursday, Up and Slightly Adam from Parkwood 17 stopped by the Loon studio to give us the lowdown on this weekend's movie releases.


First up it's "Hunter Killer".  Takes place during a coup in Russia. The Russian president is kidnapped and the new regime is threatening to start World War 3.  A US submarine with Navy Seals is dispatched to Russian waters to rescue the Russian president and save the world.  Trailer below

Next up is a skateboarding movie staring Jonah Hill. "Mid90's" takes place in Southern California during the mid 90's skateboarding craze.  This one actually looks pretty good. Trailer below (language)

Finally, we have "Indivisible". This one is about an army chaplain deployed to Afghanistan for sixteen months.  The film focuses on how a deployment can cause big problems in a family's life. Trailer below

Also still showing at Parkwood 17 are

"A Star is Born" and "Halloween".

Might be a good weekend to take in a great movie.

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