Up and Slightly Adam stopped by the Loon studio this morning and filled us in on the new movies playing on the big screens this weekend. Looking at the forecast, it might be a movie kind of weekend.

up first, we have "Gemini Man" with Will Smith.  Smith plays an assassin who is being hunted by another assassin who just happens to be his clone.  Check out the trailer below.


Next up, "The Addams Family".  This would really be a treat for the kids that didn't get to grow up with the TV series. This animated film has a star studded cast of voices. Trailer below

This next one sounds a little strange but you never know. In this comedy, Adam Divine (Workaholics) gets a new phone and it's (Jexi) tries to take control of his life. "Jexi" may be a look into the future but I hope not.  Trailer below

And, "JOKER" is still playing this weekend. Critically acclaimed and there's a lot of Oscar talk on this one. Rated R.  Trailer below.

Don's forget $5 Tuesdays. All movies $5 all day Tuesday

Order tickets online at marcustheaters.com or fandango.com

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