There's nothing worse than your phone going ballistic with message notifications, from a group chat that you didn't even ask to be in. It's time for it to be made illegal.

It happens to me a few times a month, and I want to make a stand for everybody that feels the same - PLEASE STOP WITH THE GROUP CHATS!

You know how it goes. It starts with a message that you look at, then see "+20 others" and your stomach sinks as suddenly another message comes in, then another, and another.

At this point you have to put your phone on vibrate cause the ding noises are getting in the way of your Netflix binge-fest. The non-stop vibrating of your phone happens, but you have to look once in a while to see if you got an email, or a message not related to the group chat hell you're in. Nope, just another 20 chat responses.

THEN, you get the funny guy who starts the joking part of the conversation and another 20 worthless "lol" or comeback responses start. It's ridiculous!

Sadly there are those who are so lonely that their day is made when they get to enjoy a group chat conversation. For the majority of us, we'd love it if that feature could be disabled. It should be illegal to include somebody in a group chat without getting permission 1st. Please tell me I'm not the only one who feels this way??

Ok, I feel better. Now back to normal programming...

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