After last summer's lockdowns and restrictions, Minnesotans are chomping at the bit to get out and do some traveling this summer.  With international travel still a crap shoot on where and when you can travel., Minnesotans are eying domestic destinations.

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One destination, in particular, that Minnesotans are are gearing up for is Alaska. If you've never been to Alaska, I'm sure you've seen the pictures of just how beautiful of a state it is.  Yes, Alaska is a very popular destination for Minnesota vacationers this summer.

Minneapolis-St Paul International Airport is gearing up to accommodate the many Minnesotans that wish to travel there this summer. John Hall's Alaskan Tours and Cruises based in Lake City, says they are looking forward to business returning to normal this year after a dismal season last year.

“It’s really been an unknown but trying to navigate an unknown,” Chief Operating Officer, Elizabeth Hall said. After sitting idle during the pandemic, they will now be running at 50% capacity. “There’s a lot of movement this direction,” she added.

Hall is crediting the popularity of Alaska this summer to people wanting a long haul destination without the hassle of traveling internationally.

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Because of the demand lately for Alaskan vacations, Alaskan Airlines is starting up a direct flight from MSP to Anchorage this month. According to the airport, Alaskan travel demands are up 30% from 2019.

“It doesn’t require the additional testing that Hawaii is requiring so we have a lot of interest in people going there,” Monique Delph of A-1 travel said.

If you are planning on a cruise to Alaska, a new law says you can now cruise to Alaska without stopping in Canada, which still has pretty strict COVID restrictions.

A-1 travel advises that if you are wanting to travel to Alaska this summer, that things are filling up fast, so you should be flexible in your plans. Since the rental car companies sold off a lot of their inventory during the pandemic, rental cars in Alaska are almost impossible to find right now.


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