If you live in any part of the midwest, especially the upper midwest, you know that  October, no matter what kind of chilly weather we have had, is probably too early to walk on any sort of "frozen" lake. It's DEFINITELY too early to drive on or plant a fish house on any lake.

This guy apparently didn't think about that fact.  Looks like he thought "Hey, it froze overnight, let's put the fish house out there".  Oh, and let's try driving on it too.

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This happened just across the Minnesota border in Barron County, Wisconsin.  This was the Facebook post from the Barron Country police department.


I love how they have to state that the "Ice Is Not Ready Yet".  It's like those signs that you see around that seem super obvious, and yet there is still a sign.  Whenever you see something like that you know there is a reason for it.

It's not at all surprising that alcohol was involved in this situation.  People drinking and making stupid decisions.  Not a good idea.

Minnesota DNR
Minnesota DNR

This is just a guide that the DNR puts out every year.  The ice on the lake where this particular truck and fish house went through wasn't even an inch thick.  You have to wonder how drunk was this driver to think this was a good idea?  There were a lot of snarky comments on the Facebook post, which has to be expected given the situation.  He's probably lucky the worst thing that happened was a DWI, oh, and of course his truck and fish house sitting in the water.  Wow, just wow.

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