You really can't make this stuff up. A guy playing around with his gun, accidentally shot himself in the leg. He then left a glowing review for the ammo company .

On the ammo company's web page, someone posted a review for the "Radically Invasive Projectile" bullets. These bullets are designed to break apart on impact and cause major damage.


The guy who put the review on the web page explained that he accidentally shot himself in the leg with one of these bullets. He went on to leave a glowing review of the bullet because it cause so much damage, just like it was supposed to.

"Nearly bled out, only kept leg after series of world class trauma surgeons.  Looking at three months, no weight bearing, many months of recovery." he wrote,

"All metal petals separated from core as designed.  Maximum damage inflicted.  Product performed as designed and marketed.  Five-out-of-five, would recommend.  P.S. No exit wound, all pieces remained in leg."

Nothing like a satisfied customer

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