So, this guy from Indiana, Mark Anthony Jones was charged recently with not having a license for his pistol. You may ask, what brought Mark's infraction to the attention of authorities?

Well, it seems that Mark liked to carry his loaded pistol in the waistband of his pants. One day, he was walking and felt his pistol start to slip out of his waistband. He grabbed the gun to keep it from slipping, hit the trigger and the gun went off. Ouch, right?


The bullet just missed his penis and exited through his scrotum.  You know, it's too bad they don't have a better way of carrying a gun. we could call it a holster.

Indiana police say Mark did not have a license to carry his 9mm pistol in the state. It's a Class A misdemeanor and could possibly end Mr Jones in jail for a year with a $5000 fine.

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