It's Lame Joke Friday again.   Here's the good news.  Neither of these jokes that JU brought in were "shaggy dog" stories.  You know, the ones that just go on and on and seem to have no end?  They were actually short and sweet (hold on the sweet part) but they were at least of a normal listening length.


And again, we have 2... 2 lame jokes.  This week definitely fit it.  Why is that even surprising? It like happens every week.  It's always the same. Johnny U comes in and says that "these are the best!" We are always skeptical.  And let's be honest, we are skeptical with good reason.  They are always terrible.

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But, as always, you can be the judge of this one:

See what I mean?  Good thing he has a regular day job.  This joke telling, aspiring comedian, whatever he likes to call himself, probably should be shelved.  But we, as the good and giving people that we are, keep encouraging him to keep chasing his dreams.  Dreams of having just that one joke that will be the big hit that he needs.

I'll be honest, I don't really see any of that happening, good thing that he has another job.  I'm just saying.  Good thing.

But, maybe you'd like to support his comedy aspirations.  Go ahead and send  him some ideas.  I'm sure he would be very appreciative!  Maybe you could get some writing credit.  Honestly, anything would help at this point.  So, give it a go!

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