Just like people who are putting up Christmas lights and bringing some holiday cheer during this time of quarantine, the Hallmark Channel is jumping on board and running a holiday movie marathon.  This starts today (Friday).


Everyone wants to feel a bit better and holidays- mostly Christmas seems to bring that feeling out in people.  So, why not run those feel good, you know the story, everyone is basically the same plot Hallmark movies.  Seems like a great idea.

Netflix and streaming has become super popular as well.  Europe, where the bulk of the COVID 19 pandemic is located is limiting it's bandwidth because so many people are stuck and home... and what else are you going to do?  Home projects, procreation and Netflix. That's about it.

What are you planning to do this weekend?  Social distancing is the name of the game.. and you know that in 10 years or so, people are going to remember that catch phrase about 2020.  "What do you remember about 2020...."

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