I was at Target last night and saw that they had a lot of the back to school items already out and ready.  It's true, after the 4th of July it's like Summer is over. And unfortunately this year, it seems like Summer just started last weekend.

Halloween party with children wearing costumes
Catherine Yeulet

Then, I saw this... Halloween items are already online and ready for this year.  Good Grief!  And apparently will be in stores by the end of August.  I feel like this one shouldn't be there until the beginning of September?  I know some people like to plan out their costumes.. and some parties happen earlier than the actual Halloween day.  Not many, though.  Honestly.

Halloween 1991 Blizzard
John Moore/Getty Images

What is the most popular costume for adult parties, anyway?  There was a survey done and this is what was found to be the results...

To a WORK PARTY???  Really??  Ok then.  They are probably the same people copying their butt at Christmas parties too.


Do you think this is too early?

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