'Energized' was Foghat's third studio album an one that explodes with the blues/heavy metal sound. Lonesome Dave the lead singer also one of the founders of Savoy Brown.Foghat had great success back in to 1970's. Buyers of their music were engulfed with their brand of rock n' roll.

One of Foghat's staple songs during 'live' shows was "Home In My Hand."

Lonesome Dave passed away in 2000 due to complications with cancer.

Some of Foghat's biggest musical influences were Led Zeppelin, Peter Green, The Yardbirds, The Who and Humble Pie.

Original LP track list:

Energized LP YouTube
Energized LP YouTube

Side 1:

  1. "Honey Hush"
  2. "Step Outside"
  3. "Golden Arrow"
  4. "Home in my Hand"

Side 2:

  1. "Wild Cherry"
  2. "That'll Be The Day"
  3. "Fly By Night"
  4. "Nothin' I won't Do"

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Foghat's, "Home In My Hand":

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