Hot Tuna, YouTube
Hot Tuna, YouTube

Hot Tuna's LP, 'The Phosphorescent Rat' was released on January 3rd, 1974. Initially Hot Tuna was a side project for a few band mates from Jefferson Airplane.Jorma Kaukonen (singer/lead guitar) and Jack Casady (bass) of Jefferson Airplane formed Hot Tuna as a side project prior to leaving the Airplane for good.

They were well warmed up as they had already recorded three albums prior to 'The Phosphorescent Rat'. This would prove one can go from an acoustic sound to hard rock which is what they did.

'The Phosphorescent Rat'LP, YouTube
'The Phosphorescent Rat'LP, YouTube

The Original LP track list includes:

Side 1:

  1. "I See The Light"
  2. "Letter to the North Star"
  3. "Easy Now"
  4. "Corners Without Exits"
  5. "Day To Day Out The Window Blues"



Side 2:

  1. "In the Kingdom"
  2. "Seeweed Strut"
  3. "Living Just for You"
  4. "Soliloquy for 2"
  5. "Sally, Where'd you get Your Liquor From?"

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(Listen) Hot Tuna, "I See The Light":

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