Saturday evening, I received a text from my 21 year old son Tanner. The text read, "I hope you aren't mad, but I found a stray cat and brought it home with me. It's in my room so it's not be the other pets."

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Tanner was out for his daily walk when this kitty came up to him out of a wooded area. He was thin, but looked fairly healthy, and definitely belonged to someone. It was apparent that the kitty was needing some help and that he was hungry. Tanner went to the closest house in the area, and knocked on the door to see if the cat belonged to them. The neighbor said it did not, but they had seen the cat around the area for a few days.

Once Tanner figured out it didn't belong to anyone in the area, he then carried it home and proceeded to care for it. Giving it water and cat food, he said he had to refill the bowl because it was so hungry it ate all the food.  It's tummy was full soon after, and so Tanner made a nice place for the cat to sleep for the night, in our Catio...It's a giant dog kennel we have set up on our porch for our cats to have a scratching post, a chair with cat beds, and a litter box. Kitty was comfortable and safe for the night.


The next morning, I went into the garage and found our cat carrier. It hadn't been used in quite awhile, so I cleaned it all up, and placed a thin soft pillow inside. I went out to the catio, and looked over this pretty cat. We took pictures and posted them on St. Clouds Lost and Found pets, but no one there seemed to recognize the cat.

We then packed it up and headed to the Tri County Humane Society. Once we got there, they scanned the cat for a microchip and indeed, he had one!   The Assistant searched their database to see if the cat was registered with them and it was not. She did some further digging and found the company the microchip belonged to and called them. The owner of this cat DID have him registered, and the assistant was able to call the owner and reunite them with their kitty.


Within 20 minutes or so of the phone call, owner and pet were back together again. I was very proud of my son for recognizing that this cat came to him for help. It was hungry and obviously couldn't find his way home. If your pet has a microchip, make sure to register it, so that if this ever happens to you, you may have the same wonderful turn out as this beautiful cat did.

Great job Tanner.


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