What are your thoughts on this?  Harley Davidson Motorcycles, which are very popular in the area, and of course all over the United States, are manufactured in Milwaukee.  But because of the European Union tariff burden, will be moving production to Europe. This will only affect the bikes that are being sold in Europe.  The bikes that are sold here in the states will continue to be manufactured here in the states.

European Leaders Threaten Tariffs On Harley Davidson Motorcycles In Response To Trump's Proposed Steel Tariffs
"Git yer motor runnin'..." Getty Images

As many motorcyclists here prefer to ride Harley, and one of their biggest claims is that they are made in the USA, does this change the way you think about what you ride?  Or will the fact that the ones that are sold in the states will still be manufactured in the states?


This is one of the things that people who ride look forward to in the warmer weather.  And I also think that there is a sense of pride when you ride something that is made in the USA and is as prestigious as Harley Davidson has come to be.

Is this a bad idea?

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