Before becoming a hugely famous actor, Harrison Ford was a carpenter. A film maker Harrison was doing some carpenter work for, asked him to assist filming rock band The Doors on tour.

Ford had zero experience filming anything but after a few quick lessons, he was turned loose as 2nd camera on a week and a half tour with The Doors.


“I worked on a road tour film of The Doors, we went around for about a week and a half. A concert tour.” He continues, “When it was over, I was one step away from joining a Jesuit monastery. I thought it was cool, I thought it was hip, but I couldn’t keep up with those guys. It was too much.”

Even with his lack of experience, a lot of Ford's footage was included in the final film.  Ford added, "I was part of the camera crew, second camera. I don’t think any of it was in focus [laughs]. Not a bit of it. Those were the old days.”

Below Harrison Ford talks about the experience.

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