When my wife and I moved to Minnesota in September, we knew that we would have to lean on GPS to learn our way around. For the first week or so I felt like I was driving in circles because I was so dependent on my phone to guide me where I wanted to go.  

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It took me about 2 weeks before I felt comfortable driving to work and home again without assistance. Since then, I’m able to get to certain places without help but I still have to lean on GPS a lot.  

I’ve been complaining to my wife about when I use “Google Maps”, that sometimes it drives me around in circles like the program doesn’t have any clue as to where I really am or where I’m trying to go.  

Photo Courtesy: Google Maps
Photo Courtesy: Google Maps

She never seemed to have this problem, so I assumed it must just be me, she’s better at most things than I am anyway. That was until earlier this week when she had an appointment and when she came home, she said, “Did I tell you I went to the wrong address?”. “Why no you didn’t” I must’ve said with a little too much glee from the “look” she gave me. 

Then she proceeded to tell me that using “Google Maps” it took her way out of her way and when she finally got to where she was going, the people told her that this happens all the time with folks trying to find them. 

Photo Courtesy: Google Maps
Photo Courtesy: Google Maps

At first, I felt vindicated that I wasn’t the problem, but then thought if this was happening to me, surely it was happening to others. That’s when I wandered online and discovered airdroid.com which talked about issues with both android phones (like I have) and iPhones.  

The first thing the piece said could be wrong was a bad internet connection, followed by restarting the app and then turning my phone off and on again. (most of which I had done already). 

If you are having these issues as well, here are some other things you can also do.  

  • Clear The App Cache & Data 
  • Make sure you have the latest version of Google Maps 
  • Check the location setting on your phone 
  • Enable Background App Refresh 
  • Try Google Maps Go 

 Some of the above require several steps, see the complete story from airdroid.com here.  

 And let’s hope we don’t see each other driving in circles around Minnesota after we do this.  


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