I am so sick of the snow and winter in general.  And I'm sure someone is going to say... yes, but it really hasn't been that bad this Winter.  Or my favorite... "well, if you don't like it, move."  Yeah.  Been there, done that, but only to areas around this same place.  North Dakota, Green Bay, Wisconsin.  And you know what?  Moving is a pain and I am entitled to not like aspects of living wherever I am living.  There's always something.

But, with that being said... I do think that I have probably been a bit negative about the snow and cold weather.  I just think that Winter is the greediest season.  It takes part of Fall and it takes part of Spring.  Stay in your lane, Winter!

Oh, yeah... the positive part.  Let's see... I need to think of at least 5 things that are good about this weather.

1.  I haven't seen a mosquito in months.

Mosquito on human hand

2.  You can keep cold drinks cold by just placing them outside or just in an unheated            garage.  Voila!  Cold drinks without using space in the fridge or freezer.

Heavy Snow Hits The UK
Getty Images

3.  Sitting near a fire outside isn't too hot... ever.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

4. Sleeping is a lot easier when it's chilly than when it's too hot.


5.  I never have to worry about crazy animals outside... like snakes or spiders.  Or any         other creepy crawling things.  Yuck!

David McNew / Getty Images

6.  You can always put on more in the cold.  When it's hot you can only take off so               much before you'll be arrested.

There... I got 6 of them. More than I said that I would.

The list for negative might be a bit longer... but let's not focus on that.

Until we can complain about the heat.... Cheers!

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