First of all, castles are just cool for some reason.  Maybe we all secretly want to live in one, with all of the finery, huge feasts, music and dancing.  A ball, like Cinderella, but not all medieval with the questionable hygiene and unsanitary situations.  We want the fairytale castle experience.

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There is a castle in the twin cities that has an annual event called "Cocktails at the Castle".

Cocktails and concerts return to the Twin Cities’ only castle this fall with great music, Nordic-inspired art, and wild surprises. Discover two stages of independent bands, pop-up activities, food, and drinks, and explore the museum galleries at this adults-only fall event awarded ‘Best Event Concept’ by MSP Magazine.

This event is happening on September 15th.  And they make a big point of making sure that people know that it is a 21+ event.  There is also a VIP experience, and a VIP tattoo experience.  Although, if you wanted the tattoo portion of the event, that is sold out.  But with that said, I am wondering how they would do a VIP tattoo experience when cocktails are being served.  Generally you cannot get a tattoo if you have been drinking.  I know that some people have done that, but it's not recommended as you tend to bleed a bit more, plus possibly making some questionable decisions.

The cost for this event is $45 per person, and you can register and get all the other information that you need through the Cocktails at the Castle event page. 

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