Over the past few years there have been a few "interesting" flavors, as I will call them, that have been released. There was a Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, I heard once of a wasabi ice cream, also a lobster ice cream and the list could weirdly enough go on. There is one particular company Van Leeuwen, that has been known for putting out strange flavors.

Recently they released the flavor 'Malted Milkshake & Fries'. They actually teamed up with Idaho Potato French Fries for the flavor. It's a strange flavor, but honestly one I am not completely opposed to. I enjoy dipping french fries in ice cream often so it isn't completely un-appetizing, but I enjoy the fries being hot so not fully sure I'd like it.

Image Credit: Van Leeuwen Ice Cream vai vanleeuwenicecream.com
Image Credit: Van Leeuwen Ice Cream vai vanleeuwenicecream.com
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But I digress. After seeing the flavor I got to thinking, I wonder what flavor of ice cream would represent Minnesota really well? Granted, I could come up with my own flavors, but this undertaking is too big for one person. Which is why I went to the Facebook group page "It's a Minnesota Thing" and asked

What Would be a Good Minnesota Ice Cream Flavor?

The answers were everything I hoped for and more. Here's many of the flavors Minnesotans came up with for an ice cream that would represent Minnesota:

  • Todd J. - Corn pops. Or bacon
  • Margie M. - Mini Doughnut
  • Janet G. - Caribou Coffee Malt-O-Meal with a Land O'Lakes cream base.
  • Jessy A.& Bob P. both said - Tater tot hotdish
  • Dirk B. - Lefse
  • Jeanne G. & Glo R. both said - Spam
  • Leanne H. - Lutefisk
  • Heidrun L. - Hickory Nuts
  • Sara Mae - Call it Pothole Blizzard lol. Not sure what the ingredients are but I have the name!
  • Heidi H. - Old Dutch Dill Pickle Chip Ice Cream
  • Anne S. - Strawberry Pie
  • Alicia D. - Winter. Very frosty, could be vanilla with ice chunks
  • Ann B. - I was thinking that maybe a lutefisk ice cream would be best if served on a lefsa cone or wrap, don'tcha know
  • Sally S. - Buttered corn or as Sue L. suggested - Sweet corn with butter
  • Tacie S. & Randy J. both said - Top the Tater
  • Nikki R. - Wild rice hot dish
  • Heidi N. - Lutefisk and meatballs
  • Jeanne M. - Carrot cake
  • Nancy B. - Lake of the Woods-blue raspberry with chocolate chunks and pieces of graham crackers
  • Karen K. - Honey Crisp Apple Crisp - it would feature the Honey Crisp apple, developed in Minnesota, as well as oats grown in Minnesota.
  • Greg R. - Swedish pancakes
  • Sue M. - Old Dutch potato chips and candied maple bacon
  • Linda L. - Purple - for Prince!
  • Paul F. - Butter brickle
  • Angie N. - Snow storm in May, coconut ice cream with crushed chocolate cookie (snow and sand)
  • Kathleen J. - Hummingbird cake would be so good in ice cream. Also, bumble berry pie, yummy
  • Shelley S. - Whatever it is - sell it "on a stick"!
  • Joann S. - Nutella and banana crepes
  • Crystal L. - Kringla, Krumkake or Lefsa w/ a buttery brown sugar flavor
  • David S. - Vanilla White Out
  • Carmen S. - Walleye flavored
  • Sarah M. - Fish fly pie
  • Kathleen J. - S'more
  • Debbie S. - White Castle

As you can see there were many creative ideas! With no wrong answers, because it's all for fun. Do you have a flavor idea that you think would represent Minnesota well? Why not share your thoughts and let me know in our app now!

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