Like the 1991 hit song by C + C Music Factory, this is "Things that Make You Go Hmmmm" quite literally, right here in Minnesota.

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We have all seen something in our lives one time or another that makes us do a double take. Has us questioning how did they do that or why would they do that? There was something just like that driving around the other day in Minnesota that had many asking those questions and probably more.

I truly wish I had seen this in person, because even then I'm not fully sure I would have believed what I saw. But someone did capture picture proof of this delight on the road the other day, as seen near Elk River, or at least that's what they say in their reddit post as you can see:

Seen near Elk River. I am both impressed and confused.
by u/ThiccBananaMeat in minnesota

That's right, a car with an ATV on top of it, that looks like it could be crushed by it at any second was cruising around in Minnesota. Not going to lie, my first thought as I was laughing and shaking my head, was, 'only in Minnesota'. But even that was not something I would have thought I would see in Minnesota. It was very curious, and did have me asking, how in the world did that get on top of their car?

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Thankfully, I didn't have to question it for long, because it wasn't long before there was a post from mowing_my_lawn stating "This is my buddy" and proceeded to share a link of Here's how he did it. Now let this be a warning, don't ever just click on any link, hover over it to see if it looks safe. After double checking I proceeded to following the link, since it too was a reddit it post and actually found this glorious video answering a couple questions anyway. Here is how he got the ATV on his car...

(Final Update) For those asking how he got the ATV on the car
by u/mowing_my_lawn in minnesota

After watching that I might have a few more questions, but for the moment I'm just going to let myself be entertained, maybe a little impressed but more baffled than anything. With that I really only have one more thing to say...Stay classy Minnesota!

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