I've talked about this before, but I find it oddly satisfying when I get to kick the snow out from the wheel well on my vehicle. Actually wrote all about it earlier this winter if you want to read more on that here. At the time I had questioned if anyone else found this satisfying as well and I think I finally found my answer.

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After the snow storm recently, there were tons of memes, gifs, pictures and video being shared. Some worrisome, some cringe worthy, then there were those that made you laugh, while others might have tempted you. Such as this picture that I found on Minnesota Memes Facebook page, shared by a Mic S.

Image Credit: Mic Skaar via Facebook
Image Credit: Mic Skaar via Facebook

Don't act like that didn't make your eyes go wide. Instantly thought, how does one even allow a wheel well to get that bad! My mouth literally wide open looking at this photo, I also began to laugh as I read the comments.

The first one I saw, from Tim T., was my sentiments exactly, he wrote "Have....to....kick....snow..." and then proceeded to share gif where a character from the animated show "Bob's Burgers" has their eye twitching. I feel like it was the perfect example of how many Minnesotans would feel seeing such a horror in Minnesota.

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But the real question is what would you do if faced with this situation? Would you give it a swift kick it or would you leave it be? Not going to lie, most times when I see, what many I saw have dubbed, "snow boogers" I would walk away. Always felt if the person finds it as oddly satisfying as I do, I would hate to rob them of that satisfaction. However, this looks like an amboniation that has been forgotten about.

I did reach out to Mic and he was kind enough to let me share this picture when I asked and said feel free to as,

Entertainment was the whole purpose of the picture!


So clearly he gets that this would bother so many Minnesota natives, and sometimes it's fun to get everyone's reactions. Reactions he got. Nearly 277 comments and over 2,000 laughs and likes already and something tells me it will continue to grow. So take it as it is and cringe and laugh with us all and maybe you can take away what I did. The snow and ice under the wheel well will forever be known now as SNOW BOOGERS!

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