If you grew up in Minnesota, chances are at one point or another during your childhood, in the winter you played king of the hill. Someone was on top of the hill defending their title while others tried to become the next king of the hill. Honestly, not sure if that is really a game that gets played much anymore as I know how rough the game can be.

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Regardless, I think someone may have found a way to "play" it as an adult in a new way. The idea is you find a good sized snow hill in Minnesota and you place a random object on top to leave people questioning a few things:

  1. How did that object get up there?
  2. Who put that up there?
  3. How long do you think it will stay up there?

If you haven't guessed it yet. There is a snow hill in Minnesota that has a random object on top of it and it's pretty funny. Recently I found a few different posts on reddit talking about a snow hill in Eden Prairie, that I believe is right by the Target since on top of said snow hill is a Target shopping cart as you can see here:


Eden Prairie Center. Dude for scale.
by u/dude-O-rama in minnesota

Since this original was posted a few others have popped up, with others talking about seeing the cart and seeing many pop over to take a picture by the new winter landmark. When I see something like this I can't help but shake my head, laugh and say only in Minnesota. By the way the original post even inspired someone to actually paint a picture of the cart:  

I painted the shopping cart
by u/_ballen_ in minnesota

That's right, it just keeps getting better. What object do you think could beat a cart at the top of a snow hill like that? Share your ideas or better yet, get to placing that object on a snow hill and snap a picture please and share it with us on our app!

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