did an online poll of 150,000 people asking people about small crimes they may have committed.


I have to admit, I've done most of these but I guess i never really thought of some of them as crimes.

I've never done this one. 33% said they have asked for a cup for water at a fast food place and filled it with soda instead.

41% said they've been paid under the table for work they've done.

Here's a "Well, duh". 72% said they have consumed alcohol when underage.

Have you ever gone to a movie and then just walked into another movie after watching the one you paid for? 22% said they had.

Have you ever pirated music or illegally download a movie?  A whopping 78% said they had done this. 18% said they had used someone else's Netflix password without telling them.

35% confessed to using someone else's WiFi, not password protected, without permission.

Do you ever speed?  67% fessed up while 37% said the NEVER speed. LIARS

Ever rolled through a stop sign?  I would think everyone would be guilty of this but only 51% said yes.

Finally, have you ever jaywalked?  A whopping 90% said yes. I do it all the time. I always look both ways, even if it's a one way street. That's how little faith I have in mankind.

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