I love cereal. I have a bowl of it almost every night before I go to bed. But I didn't know cereal bars were a thing. Apparently they are and the first ever cereal bar is set to open in the Twin Cities this weekend.

It's called Treats (on Grand in St. Paul) and here's what you can expect. Ice cream cones, bowls and shakes with your favorite cereal bits mixed in and of course bowls of  cereal. They will also have Boba Tea. It's sweetened tea with tapioca balls in it. I've never heard of it but then again I don't get out much. I looked it up and saw a story of a girl in China that had been suffering from constipation and after an x-ray the doctors found over a 100 in her stomach. I guess they're made of starch and don't digest very well so I suggest drinking in them moderation.

Now, when it comes to the bowl of cereal I assume we're not talking about just a plain bowl of frosted flakes, A video (see below) shows a cereal bar in New York and their bowls of cereal are things like "Birthday Cake" which is frosted flakes with yellow cake mix, sprinkles and vanilla syrup. So I expect it will be things like that. If not, I'll be disappointed.


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