They say it takes all kinds. Being in this business for quite some time, I've met my share of rock stars.  For the most part they have been extremely nice.  But there are always the ones that will leave you saying wtf. Some of the nicest and down to earth musicians I've met would be Sammy Hagar.  Sammy is truly a nice guy. Knows where his success comes from, his fans. Joan Jett is another.  She once played a club I used to hang out at and after her show she spent 4 hours posing for pictures and giving autographs until every last fan was gone. Same with the 80s band Cinderella.

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  I once hosted an in store promotion with Cinderella.  The promotion went from 11 til 2PM and the band had to catch a flight at 3. Well, 3 o'clock came around and they were still signing autographs. I was very disappointed the first time I met Eddie Van Halen but was told later he was having some personal problems. We're all human right. Billy Idol had me thrown out of his dressing room right in the middle of an interview. No idea why but was told later that he was taking a lot of drugs ease the pain from a motorcycle accident. ZZ Top, Alice Cooper and Deep Purples's Roger Glover were all really cool.The worst experience was The Monkees. Total jerks. What good or bad experiences have you had with rock stars?

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