This is a new show this season that has a touchy subject matter.  Suicide.  I thought that this show was based on the book A Million Little Pieces.  But apparently not.  The creator says that it is based on a true story.  He says he had run into an old friend and they both lit up when seeing each other and made some tentative plans to "meet up" later and he learned that his friend had committed suicide before that "meet up" happened.

Premiere Of ABC's "A Million Little Things" - Arrivals
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Something this tragic can sometimes bring people together and bind them for life.  It's something that they all have in common.  Not necessarily something that you want to have in common, but they hit on the idea that "everything happens for a reason" several times.  The show is almost built around that premise.

If you have a chance to see that show- do it.  It's not quite as morbid, dark and awful as it sounds.  Yes, it does deal with the subject of suicide, but it is still something that holds your attention, and in my opinion, is done very well.

This is the trailer... it airs on Wednesday nights on ABC- Channel 5.  Last week was the pilot.  Set the DVR.

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