The Minnesota Vikings have been disappointing  us (I kid because I love) playing football in the Land Of 10,000 Lakes since 1961. While there have been plenty of books and accounts of the team's history, I have a feeling you haven't seen anything like the nearly nine-hour-long "History of the Minnesota Vikings" by director Jon Bois on YouTube.

Check out the trailer:

It's a wild ride from beginning to end. We all know about the four Super Bowls, several NFC Championship game losses, playoff meltdowns and boat parties, but this movie tells dozens of behind the scenes stories while also enlightening viewers on the inner workings of the games themselves.

The above is just the first of seven episodes, each of which ranges from 53 minutes to one hour and 40 minutes long!

We will all be going through Vikings season-ending withdrawals this weekend, might as well scratch the itch with every possible thing you could ever want to know about the Vikings from Fran to Kirk!

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