This time of year we all hear of people going South to escape the Minnesota cold for at least a little while.  Kind of recharges the batteries so you can deal with it for just a little longer.  Then suddenly- it's Spring!  If your plans are to head to the Florida Keys, you will want to leave a particular sunscreen at home.

Woman hands putting sunscreen from a suncream bottle

What kind of sunscreen is banned?  Anything that would harm the coral reefs.  The products that have been banned are anything containing oxybenzone and octinoxate.  If you plan on going to Hawaii any time soon, they have a similar ban that will go into effect by 2021.  The problem with these two ingredients is that they tend to bleach the coral reefs and that will kill them.

One guy said that he was against the ban in Key West before Hawaii enforces the ban.  He thinks that it will cause an added expense- and would rather Hawaii deal with it first to sort of pave the way for the Keys to do the same.  He was outvoted,


Maybe the option would be just not to go into the water??  Like that will happen.  If you are at the ocean, you're going in.

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