For quite awhile now, we have all heard about how indoor malls are dying.  "People don't go to malls anymore" "people only shop online" "malls will be dead within a few years", and any other derivative of this type of comment. But, if you have been in the Crossroads Center in St. Cloud within the last few weeks or so, that place is hoppin' (comparatively speaking).

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I'm not sure if it's just busy with people walking around... like mall walkers, or if people are actually buying things there, but the point is, that there are a lot of people wandering around the mall.

Recently, the mall was finally purchased from Brookfield Properties after they had not made a payment since 2020.  The mall was purchased by a Delaware based company.  There were no announcements about any changes being scheduled for the mall but since then, a new website has been launched, and there are at least 2 more stores being added to the many empty spaces within the mall.

One of those stores, that opened recently is Vitalitea.  This store was previously a kiosk, and since moved into a more permanent space.  I had to do a little bit if research to find out exactly what this store entails.  The store is health focused.

VitaliTea is a new and unique retail brand that provides an attainable healthy lifestyle experience for our customers. We carry diverse lineup of products that promote health and well-being from that inside out. Step into our boutique and be transported to a place of vitality and serenity.

The other store that I noticed that will be opening "soon" is a clothing/accessories store called "Bits & Pieces".  There is no time indicated as to when this store will open.  But you can see in the store, and they are setting up their merchandise.  Looks like it will be ready to open within a few weeks.

Vitalitea is located in the Western part of the store off of the food court area, across from the Verizon store.  Bits & Pieces is located across from Spencer's.

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