It's that time of year we begin to spend more time indoors hiding from the seasonal elements.


A favorite indoor pastime of many is to binge watch shows and there is a bevy to choose from. With streaming services like HULU, FUBI, DIRECT TV, PLAYSTATION VUE, AMAZON PRIME and more, giving you some great binge watching choices.

I've just barely started, myself.  So far I've finished "Hand of God" starring Ron Pearlman and the still beautiful Dana Delany. I didn't mean to binge watch this one but couldn't stop watching. I highly recommend this one.

"Red Oaks". is also a good one. I believe that also is on Amazon Prime.

I have a selfish reason for writing about this. I need suggestions on some great binge watching shows to get me through until Spring.

So, any suggestions would be appreciated and I will continue to update you on anything I've come across and I think is worthy of your time.

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