Reddit is an interesting website where members post topics for other people to comment on.  

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You can find interesting conversation starters there or ones that make you think. Other people seem to use it as a confessional, where they post about something they've done that they are looking for support for . And there always seem to be those who disagree with whatever the writer has done. 

I came across this post over the weekend and thought it was one worth sharing. A member with the “handle” Reader Momma was asking for help in feeding people in Minnesota with Lasagna. 

Photo by sunorwind on Unsplash
Photo by sunorwind on Unsplash

The word "Lasagna" caught my attention because I love it. It’s one of my favorite dishes. But when I clicked on this post, I learned of a charitable organization called  

This is a grassroots organization that recognizes there are people all around us that are hungry, and they use homecooked meal delivery to reach them.  

The organization's slogan is “feed families, spread kindness, strengthen communities”. There are a couple of ways you can get involved in supporting Lasagna Love.  

First, you can make meals that will be delivered to families, so they have the luxury of a meal or two.  

Photo by maryam jahanmehr on Unsplash
Photo by maryam jahanmehr on Unsplash

You can also sponsor a volunteer who will make the meals and have them delivered. For folks who are already making a meal themselves for the organization, it's easy for them to do more than one while they’re already cooking which in turn will feed more families.  

Or you can help with some of the administrative work that needs to be done within the organization.  

There’s even an avenue for Corporate Sponsorships too.  

If one of your goals for 2024 is to find ways to help those less fortunate, could be an easy way to get involved and make a difference.  


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