Last week I published a recap of a conversation we had with Amy from Bursch Travel about Cruising. Here’s the link to the article and you can hear our interview with Amy.  

After I published that story online, I came across this from Triple A about the demand for hitting the open seas for vacation.  

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Triple A says that the cruise industry saw record breaking numbers for 2023, and that appears to be carrying over into 2024. They are urging if you want a specific ship, cruise line, date, or destination that you begin to make those reservations now. Dates can become harder to secure as the year rolls along.  

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Amy from Bursch Travel told us two weeks ago that sometimes you can get lucky by trying to book on availability, but generally not.  

This time of year can be a good time to get your cruising plans set because some cruise lines offer deals. The release from Triple A says that the first three months of the year are referred to as the “wave season” because they’ll offer discounted pricing, possible cabin upgrades, drink packages, buy one get one free options and more.  

If you’re not sure where you’d like to cruise to, here are some things to consider. 

The Caribbean is a popular location year-round. Amy from Bursch Travel says the Caribbean is one of the more popular choices for Cruises or Resorts, especially for residents in Minnesota. 

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If you’re thinking you want to go to Alaska, their cruising season is from May to September, so it may be harder to secure the trip you want if you don’t start looking to book soon.  

European River Cruises have become popular destinations partly because they are available year-round. But if you’re looking to avoid bigger crowds or save money, earlier in the year and later in the year are the best options to consider.  

Weekend Cruises are growing in popularity. Some Cruise lines are offering a shorter variety of trips that have increased in popularity in recent years.  


Remember the most sought-after dates are when the kids are out of school, so keep that in mind as you make your travel plans. As Amy from Bursch Travel told us last week, there’s only one cruise line that caters exclusively to adults, and that’s Virgin Voyages. So, if you want a cruise without children around, Virgin Voyages is where to start.  

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If you were on the fence about taking a cruise, hopefully some of this information is helpful in helping you decide if you want to book yours and when and where you want to go.  

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