Adam from Parkwood Theaters sttopped by the Loon studio this morning and filled us in on what's showing at Parkwood this Memorial Day weekend. There's something for everyone.

First off, we have "John Wick Chapter 3". If you haven't experienced a John wick movie, you've been missing out. Keanu Reeves and Halle Berry steam up the screen with a whole lot of action. Check out the trailer below.

For the family, we have "Aladdin" with Will Smith taking over for the late Robin Williams as the voice of Aladdin. Watch the trailer below.


Next up is "Brightburn". A young boy with Superman powers comes to earth and uses his power for evil. Trailer below

"Booksmart" looks hilarious. A couple of nerdy, straight A student girls decide to cut loose.  Check out the trailer below

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