Well, the holiday season is officially upon us. families coming together and feast on some home cooked food that only mom or grandma can cook up. Yeah, a few cocktails and some serious football watching.  Not to mention catching up with extended family and friends.


movie theater date

All that is fine and good, but you would be wise to have an easily executed escape plan. I just happen to have a real good one for you. What better escape than a great movie.



First up, "Possession of Hannah Grace" a scary one about a girl that died during an exorcism. At the funeral home weird things started to happen. Could the body of Hannah Grace be possessed?  Trailer below

Parkwood 17 has some great movies showing this weekend.

Nex we have "Creed II".  Continuing the Rocky franchise. The son of Apollo Creed is challenged to fight the son of the man that killed his father in the ring.  Trailer below

Next up "Ralph Breaks the Internet". A Disney animated feature where Ralph and friend travel to the Internet. great for the whole family.  Trailer below

And finally, "Robin Hood" Action and adventure with the latest take on the Robin Hood story. Looks like it would be pretty good.  Trailer below

Also showing this weekend "Home Alone" and "Alf"


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