I'm not entirely sure how this business is going to go over. But if you are looking for a woman's honest opinion of how your "stuff" measures up, this could be for you. Maybe it will stop some from sending unsolicited D pics to women they hardly know.


There's a sex instructor in Australia that is providing what she thinks is a needed service for guys. Ever wondered how you junk measures up to others? Well for a measly $37 this woman will give you an honest opinion on your package.

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Her name is Lahnee Pavovich and she's a sex instructor and life coach in Queensland, Australia.

She makes it pretty simple.  Just send her a picture of your "stuff" and Lahnee will rate it and give you an honest critique for only $37. Sounds much better than just sending pics to random women and collecting restraining orders, right?

She will also give you some helpful hints on the best sexual positions for what you're packing and some manscaping tips.  I'm sure there are worse ways to blow $37, I just can't think of any right now.

Not sure this business is going to get off the ground. If you want an honest opinion of your junk ask your mate, preferably when she's drunk and angry with you. Pretty sure you'll get an honest evaluation.  You're welcome!

(Daily Mirror via wisebrother.com)

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