Of course, this story comes out of Florida. Sometimes I think it might be a good idea just to put a barbed wire fence along the border of Florida.

This little love story takes place in Fort Pierce, Florida. It seems a guy named Cody Lee Havens sparked an argument with his girlfriend, Chasity over her drinking. Cody thought she was drinking too much.


Well, Chasity wasn't going to take this crap from Cody. She chugged down 2 beers in true Stone Cold Steve Austin style, smashed the beer cans flat and proceeded to kick the crap out of Cody. "She just went Stone Cold crazy on my ass", said Cody.

It's unclear just what Stone Cold moves Chasity used on Cody but she caused enough damage to be charged with misdemeanor battery. Cody was also arrested for interfering with the cops when they showed up to clear things up.

(The Smoking Gun)

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