It's that joyful time of the year where we try to love and appreciate our fellow man. But some people make that kind of a difficult task.


It's been all over the news about people actually going up to someone's front door and stealing packages left there by a delivery guy. Actually stealing things that were meant to be gifts for someone's loved ones.

I realize money is tight for most, this time of year, but to steal someone else's stuff, that's just beyond my comprehension. My rule has always been, if you are going to steal, steal big so you never have to steal again. Better yet, don't steal at all.

And then there are these lowlife scumbags that stole a Salvation Army Red Kettle the other day. Do you really need money that bad that you would take it from the poorest of poor?  These bell ringers stand out in the cold ringing that bell for hours to collect that money. I can't imagine what kind of bad karma this would bring on someone.

Thankfully, for the most part, people are good. We have that.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and I wish everyone a Happy New Year.

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