This Saturday night take a little trip down to the Medina Entertainment Center and take in a Hoopsnakes show.  If you remember back in the early to mid 90s they used to play at the Red Carpet here in St. Cloud quite often.  That is where I first heard them while I was in college and after that.  I even bought one of their CDs.  Yes, a CD.  I still have it too, so thank goodness my car still has a CD player.

If you are trying to remember what they sound like here is a little sample.

This was a video from about 8 years ago when the Hoopsnakes were at the Medina.  The camera work isn't great, but at least it shows you the cool bluesy sound that they have.  I remember my mom singing along to this song too.  It's a great cover of a Stick McGee song and also Jerry Lee Lewis did this quite often during his shows too.

Here's the link to how to get information and tickets for this Saturday's show at the Medina Entertainment Center.


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