If you are feeling a bit tired and not exactly "with it" after the holidays and finding it tough to get back into the swing of things... you are not alone.  Studies have found that it takes about a week to get back into full function after the holiday break and the actual holidays.  They take a lot out of a person.


It was found that most people need a full week of work before they are actually back to where they were functioning before the holiday break.  So, in that case, this would be the first week.  So, if you are feeling a little less than par, chock it up to the fact that this is actually your first week back.  Even though it's the second week of January... technically, it's still the first full week back to work.

I woke up this morning thinking that ... ugh... 5 days of work this week.  Funny... because that is totally a normal week.  But coming off of a time when each week was a little short, it seems long.  Kind of like when you go on vacation, when you come back it take a minute to get back to "normal" functioning.

So, again... Happy New Year, you're normal if feeling a bit "off".

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