23 other states in the US have a state color, Minnesota does not. If we were to have a state color, would you agree it's obviously "purple"?

Minnesota Senator, Karin Housley, has drafted a bill today to give Minnesota an official state color - purple. Her reasoning is to honor Prince and all her did for Minnesota during his lifetime. It's also her favorite color.

Governor Mark Dayton agree that purple was his favorite color as well, and that it would just need 33 Senators and 68 House members to agree the same.

Minnesota would be unique as no other state has a state color of "purple".

Purple is not only the color that Prince was known for. There's a sports team who's color is purple as well, for those non-Prince "purple" supporters. Is that enough to make our state color "purple"? Frankly, I'm a Prince fan, and also a Vikings fan, but I could care less if we had a state color. There's more important things to bog down the legislators with.

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