I found this list of words and the most popular way that they are pronounced.  I personally think that it depends on where you are from.  Like what region, North, South, Europe, whatever.  And sometimes what generation you are from.  That seems to play a part in this as well.

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I went through this list and for the most part, I pronounced these words basically like the majority.  Like who says salmon pronouncing the "l"???  Really?   That just sounds weird.  It's like saying folks while pronouncing the "l" in that word too.  The "l" is silent!  Just like the word "often".  Do NOT pronounce the "t"!  Do you say soft-en-er?  Probably not.  So, why are you pronouncing the "t"? Don't even get me started on February.....

Anyway, check out this list... take the little quiz and see if you are in the majority or not.

Any btw, what the heck is "poke"?

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