I'm certainly not a fan of many rodents, but if one ranked number 1 in my book, it would have to be rats. I could not live anywhere where at infestation of rats was a possibility. I guess maybe it dates back to when I was a kid and my grandmother told me a story about when a rat got into a baby's crib and chewed of it's nose.

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Or it could be when they tore down the fairgrounds in my hometown and thousands of rats scattered into nearby neighborhoods to set up residence. I remember these rats as the size of small cats.

Evidently, pest control company Orkin, according to CBS News, keeps track on a yearly basis of their commercial rat treatments in cities across the U.S.  The latest data was from 2020 into 2021, smack dab in the middle of the COVID pandemic. Many restaurants were shut down and the rats had to search out a new food source prompting infestations elsewhere.

I remember living in Houston, Texas and finding it common to see giant rats around dumpsters behind eating establishments.

Most of the cities on Orkin's top 50 list of rat infestations didn't really surprise me with their ranking. You can check out the list here. But I was surprised at where Minneapolis stood in the rankings.

Believe it or not, Minneapolis ranked #12 for rat infestation in the last survey by Orkin Pest Control. How could Minneapolis have a larger rat infestation than places like Tampa, Florida, Houston, Texas or any southern big city?

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