Hamilton, probably the hottest show in at least a decade, is coming to Minnesota.  All I've been hearing about this show is how hard it is to get tickets.  There have been tv shows referencing that fact, it's been mentioned in movies, it's very well known that you really have to plan in advance in order to get tickets to this play.

2016 Tony Awards - Show
Getty Images for Tony Awards Productions

Does the regular person even have a chance to get tickets without having to sell a kidney?  Short answer, apparently yes.  You do have a chance at getting some tickets without going through a 3rd party ticket outlet.

What you need to do is go to the Ticketmaster website and become a "verified fan".  Once you do this, they are describing it as getting a virtual wristband, then waiting in line to get your tickets.  It's a better chance than just anyone who didn't get the "wristband"... but it still doesn't guarantee tickets.  But it's still worth a shot without paying all those extras and bounced up prices you would pay a third party ticket vendor who just nabbed up thousands of tickets to resell.

So, here's hoping everyone who wants tickets will get the tickets they want.  Hamilton comes to the Orpheum Theatre in August.



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