I have done WAY more DIY than I would like to admit, or would have liked to do AT ALL!  But the houses that we have lived in from Sartell to Fargo to Green Bay to Rochester and back here again to St. Cloud has had us doing a lot of DIY.  It just is what it is.  But guess what- I am not in the generation that messes up any of those projects.  Or at least doesn't have the tendency to do that.


Guess who does.... MILLENNIALS!  Not surprising.  It's the generation that statistically wind up in the ER while doing a DIY project.  Let's be clear, I'm also not in the generation that does really well on these projects either.  That would be the baby boomers.  Well, good for them!  But, millennials are also the ones that will probably require several stitches on some wound they received while working on their project, and they are more than TWICE as likely than the Boomers to injure themselves while using some sort of power equipment.

Laura Bradshaw- 1037theloon.com

So- what to do about that?  Maybe their parents should have supervised a bit more and helped them instead of making play dates.  Just saying... maybe it's because the older generation had parents that let them go run outside and build things and not relyed on the internet to figure it out.  Although, I have found that to be super helpful when I'm trying to figure stuff out. And I'm in the middle of those two generations.  Go Gen X!!

And let's break out the instructions... NOW!